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Kamis, 05 April 2018

Free Macro Collections 2018 for CorelDraw

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Macro for CorelDraw
Free Macro Collections 2018 For CorelDraw X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, CorelDraw 2017, CorelDraw 2018 yang berisi :

    1. Duplicator 03:00 - For Duplicate Object or Duplicate "Page With Content" 

      GRAFISin Free Macro Duplicator Object Or Page With Content for CorelDraw

    2. TextReplace 17:44 - For Replace Text In Active Selection, Active Page or All Pages with Custom Text Properties, and Can Replace Color. 
    3. ColorReplace 03:40 - For Find and Replace Color Object, Or Replace Color Mode  ( New Update Suppor Object In PowerClip)
    4. PowerClipEdit 08:05 - For Edit PowerClip Outside PowerClip 
    5. Tiling Object 19:31 For Duplicate and Tilng Object 
    6. OptimizeObjectInPrintingArea 22:18 - For Generate Max Of Combination Object to Save Print Area (Paper) 
    7. RandomColor 05:22 - To Generate Random Color 
    8. Numorator 14:28 - For Generate Numorator (Number Counter), Support One Page One Counter Or One Page Multi Counter.  ( New Update : Add Custom Text Pattern and Length Wilchar Pattern )GRAFISin Free Macro Numorator for CorelDraw
    9. Thumbnailer 18:26 - For Generate Thumbnail from Directory With Grid Sistem, (Support *.*, jpg, .cdr, .bmp etc)  ( New Update Add Mode Generate, Custom Fill & Outline & Support to PowerClip )

      GRAFISin Free Macro Thumnailer for CorelDraw
    10. doPowerClip 6:23 - Selected Object to Powerclip & Create PowerClip Shorcut.
    11. ConvertToCurve 9:22 - Convert Text Or Shapes In Active Page, Active Selection or All Page. 
    12. DesignToPLAT 10:40 - Prepare Design for Printing Plat in Offset Printing 
    13. doFractal 12:23 - Create Fractal Effect for Selected Object 
    14. UNGROUPObject 20:38 - To Ungroup Object In Active Page Or All Page.
    15.  New - UNLOCKOBject - To Unlock Object In active page, active selection, or all pages.GRAFISin Free Macro Unlock Object for CorelDraw
    16. New - MoveObjectOrPageTo - To Move Selected Object Or In Active Page to Other Page, And Move Position Page With Content Ex : Current Page = 10 With this macro can move to End Of Page, First Page or Move to Other Pages.GRAFISin Free Macro MoveTo For Move Object or Page With Content for CorelDraw
    17. New - EqualizeNodes - To Generate Nodes In Curves Object With same LengthGRAFISin Free Macro Equalize Nodes for Object Curve for CorelDraw
    18. New - Object to Path - To Move Selected Object & Duplicate to Curve Nodes Path.GRAFISin Free Macro Object To Nodes for Object Curve for CorelDraw
    19. New - doRandomASCIIText - To Generate Random Text In CorelDraw Page.GRAFISin Free Macro Random Text for CorelDraw
    20. New - AddCropMarks : To Add Crop marks for Active Selection Object.GRAFISin Free Macro CropMark for CorelDraw
    21. New - QRCodeInserter : To generate QR Code 
    22.  Other : Cooming Soon Will Update, Have Idea? Please Comment for Making Now Macro Collection :)
      All Pack It's Free.
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      1. free? donlotnya gmna pak

        1. Ya Free, Itu di 4shared kayaknya harus punya account 4shared dlu baru bisa download.



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