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Macro for CorelDraw
Free Macro Collections 2018 For CorelDraw X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, CorelDraw 2017, CorelDraw 2018 yang berisi :

Semua Macro Gratis dan Bebas Didistribusikan selama tidak diperjualbelikan. Jika Ingin Berdonasi untuk pengembangan Macro dan Berbagi manfaat Macro untuk yang lain,  bisa berdonasi melalui No Rekening BRI a.n ADE SANUSI di No : 1165 01 009385 503 atau melalui Paypal di ade.sanusi@yahoo.co.id

    1. Duplicator 03:00 - For Duplicate Object or Duplicate "Page With Content" 

      GRAFISin Free Macro Duplicator Object Or Page With Content for CorelDraw

    2. TextReplace 17:44 - For Replace Text In Active Selection, Active Page or All Pages with Custom Text Properties, and Can Replace Color. 
    3. ColorReplace 03:40 - For Find and Replace Color Object, Or Replace Color Mode  ( New Update Suppor Object In PowerClip)
    4. PowerClipEdit 08:05 - For Edit PowerClip Outside PowerClip 
    5. Tiling Object 19:31 For Duplicate and Tilng Object 
    6. OptimizeObjectInPrintingArea 22:18 - For Generate Max Of Combination Object to Save Print Area (Paper) 
    7. RandomColor 05:22 - To Generate Random Color 
    8. Numorator 14:28 - For Generate Numorator (Number Counter), Support One Page One Counter Or One Page Multi Counter.  ( New Update : Add Custom Text Pattern and Length Wilchar Pattern )GRAFISin Free Macro Numorator for CorelDraw
    9. Thumbnailer 18:26 - For Generate Thumbnail from Directory With Grid Sistem, (Support *.*, jpg, .cdr, .bmp etc)  ( New Update Add Mode Generate, Custom Fill & Outline & Support to PowerClip )

      GRAFISin Free Macro Thumnailer for CorelDraw
    10. doPowerClip 6:23 - Selected Object to Powerclip & Create PowerClip Shorcut.
    11. ConvertToCurve 9:22 - Convert Text Or Shapes In Active Page, Active Selection or All Page. 
    12. DesignToPLAT 10:40 - Prepare Design for Printing Plat in Offset Printing 
    13. doFractal 12:23 - Create Fractal Effect for Selected Object 
    14. UNGROUPObject 20:38 - To Ungroup Object In Active Page Or All Page.
    15. UNLOCKOBject - To Unlock Object In active page, active selection, or all pages.GRAFISin Free Macro Unlock Object for CorelDraw
    16. MoveObjectOrPageTo - To Move Selected Object Or In Active Page to Other Page, And Move Position Page With Content Ex : Current Page = 10 With this macro can move to End Of Page, First Page or Move to Other Pages.GRAFISin Free Macro MoveTo For Move Object or Page With Content for CorelDraw
    17. EqualizeNodes - To Generate Nodes In Curves Object With same LengthGRAFISin Free Macro Equalize Nodes for Object Curve for CorelDraw
    18. Object to Path - To Move Selected Object & Duplicate to Curve Nodes Path.GRAFISin Free Macro Object To Nodes for Object Curve for CorelDraw
    19. doRandomASCIIText - To Generate Random Text In CorelDraw Page.GRAFISin Free Macro Random Text for CorelDraw
    20. AddCropMarks : To Add Crop marks for Active Selection Object.GRAFISin Free Macro CropMark for CorelDraw
    21. QRCodeInserter : To generate QR Code 
    22.  ( 23 April 2018)  - ImportFitToPage : For Import Object to Page ( Split One Object One Page, & Fix Proportional / Fit Object to Page & Support Place Object to PowerClip )
      GRAFISin Multiple Import And Fit Object to Page Support PowerClip
      (Preview In GIF Annimation : https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Wvbb_Dt8efj2fEwwf8Xv4_o_yIuKXn3
    23.  ( 23 April 2018)  - doSelectionSplitByPage : For Auto Split Selection Object To Page ( Split One Selection Object Per Pages)
    24. ( 23 April 2018)  - PolaroidGrid : For Import Object (Bitmap or Other, ext : jpg, jpeg, .gif, png, bmp, etc to Page & Fix to Box By Setup Margin & Gutter & Support Place Object Inside PowerClip, Without Caption file name, Flexible Customize Margin Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Gutter X & Gutter Y)
      Free Macro ThumnailerFix - For Auto generate Import Image & Other into CorelDraw With grid Style & Support PowerClip
    25.  ( 25 April 2018 ) -Random Transparancy (For Random Transparancy Object)
      RandomTransparancy - Free Macro Pack 2018 fro CorelDraw X4 up to CorelDraw2018
    26.  ( 07 May 2018 ) - PhotoChocktailEffect (Inspired By CorelDraw2018 Feature) : http://www.grafisin.com/2018/05/efek-photococktail-otomatis-di-corel-draw-x4-x5-x6-x7-x8-2017-2018.html
    27.  ( 07 May 2018 ) - RandomShapes : For Generate random shape in page, (rectangle, ellipse, polygon, complex start or active selection,) awsome macro for generate background,  (colaborate with random color, & random transparancy) : https://youtu.be/U_FGKHnYDnw
    28. New ( 22 May 2018 ) - doOutlineSameAsFill : for Auto Coloring All Outline same as fill object.
      Free Macro Collection for Auto Outline Same As Fill Color
    29. New ( 22 May 2018 ) - doImageOrderTo : For Order All Image in Active Document, Order to Front or Order to Back
    30. New ( 22 May 2018 ) - doImageAutoBoxAndPowerClip : For Automatic Create Bounding Box of Image And Add to PowerClip in Active Selection.
      Free Macro Auto Bounding Box And Add to PowerClip for Image
    31. New ( 04 June 2018 ) - doSelectionFitToPage : For Auto Fit Selection Object to Current Page With Proportional and Support AutoRotate
    32. New ( 04 June 2018 ) - doPageFitToSelection : For Auto Fit Page to Active Selection
    33. New ( 04 June 2018 ) - doCalculateArea : For Get Info Of Selection Object (Name, Area and Length)
    34. Other : Cooming Soon Will Update, Have any Idea? Please Comment for Making New Macro Collection :)
      All Pack It's Free. #GRAFISin.com

      Video First Launcing :

      Video Update 25 April 2018 :


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      1. free? donlotnya gmna pak

        1. Ya Free, Itu di 4shared kayaknya harus punya account 4shared dlu baru bisa download.

      2. mohon izin donload gan
        terimakasih ... Sukses selalu gan

      3. izin donload gan
        moga sukses n berkah gan


      4. Extraordinary contribution to the Corel Draw community. Thank you XD .
        Extraordinario aporte a la comunidad de Corel Draw. Gracias XD .

      5. How I can activate "GRAFISin_AutoMerger_Pro_V2_C2017"

      6. gila terima kasih mas ,semoga berkah

      7. bang auto manager gada ya yang kaya di tutor bikin kartu itu

      8. bang auto manager gada ya yang kaya di tutor bikin kartu itu

      9. Bermanfaat banget...
        Mas mau aktifasi gimana caranya, kalau bisa minta kontaknya

      10. Bermanfaat banget...
        Mas mau aktifasi gimana caranya, kalau bisa minta kontaknya

      11. http://macromonster.com/product/jeffs-select-same-2/


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